Unfortunately due to the risk of identity theft (from sharing my mother's maiden name etc) on the Internet, I don't share contact information. If you have a question or a correction, please DO FEEL FREE to leave a comment! You will likely help someone else (or as in my case, confuse people even more) ... lol
Just leave your comment on the most recent post, or whatever post seems the most appropriate, depending on which surname it's about. 

It is pretty confusing and I know this blog is probably not the best way to share it, but it works well for me because it's all a work in progress and I can access what I have learned previously and put it all together like a big puzzle.

I kind of enjoy the mystery and I'm not overly concerned over whether this person or that person is "in my line" or tree -- as long as they are a branch or a twig I am interested. I also like to find out the fascinating stories behind peoples' lives, not just birth and death dates. At least, I hope when I am gone, I will be more to someone than some dates.

With that in mind, let's trudge on. Thanks for visiting!