Sunday, December 13, 2015

Family Photo of Lewis Sidney Ratcliff and wife Amelia Elizabeth Lemons Ratcliff (later Taylor)

The children with Lewis and Amelia ("Bessie") are Lillie and Lizzie. These were Lewis' children from this first marriage. He was a widower. Lillie and Lizzie later lived in Calico Rock Arkansas, until Lizzie needed to move to Wadsworth Ohio to live with her daughter, Mildred Pelfrey and Mildred's husband, Willaim (Bill).  Lillie and Lizzie married brothers with the last name Tunnicliff. Sometimes you'll see that name as Tunniclift. It all has to do with how people in the Arkansas area pronounce words!  I never met Lewis or Amelia - but I did meet Lillie and Lizzie. They were both very nice ladies.

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Lewis S. Ratcliff and Amelia E Lemons Ratcliff ()later Taylor)

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