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Parents and Grandparents of Mathew George

Keep in mind that is information was found on that thing known as "The Internet." It does not mean it is 100% correct. 

We have been looking for some time to find out who the parents of Mathew George (1804-1879) were.

I Googled "Mathew George 1804 parent" and found this information. I have not 'cut and pasted' from that site, but have gleaned information that I will share, along with assumptions I am making from the information I found there. As I've said before, not facts definitively, but you can consider this fun family folklore and perhaps use it as a jumping off point for your research.

Mathew George 
I do know his name was spelled with only one 't' in it, as I have seen a photograph of his gravestone.
Born 20 June 1879 in Chillocothe, Ross, OH
Died 27 November 1879 in Soldier, Jackson County, KS

Mathew George's first marriage was to Nancy Leonard.
Nancy was born about 1807 in Ohio and died in 1844 in Illinois.
According to source on Family Central site, they had 8 children from this first marriage.

Married Sarah Ann Van Skike 13 Oct 1846 in Shelby MO
The Family Central site lists it at Van Skoike but I do not believe that is correct. See FindAGrave.com that lists as Van Skike. I will request a gravetone photo.
Sarah was born 27 February 1825 in Shelby MO.
Sarah died in August 1885 in Soldier KS
By at least 1851 they resided in Wapello, Iowa and by 1870 they were back in Kansas (going by the birth years of some of the children born during their marriage. I'll make a separate post with a list of children.) 

Mathew George's father was Richard George, born 1744 in Cornwall England.
Mathew George's mother was Rebecca Nicholas.
Richard George and Rebecca were married 17 February 1771 at St Sennen, Cornwall England.
A quick Wikipedia search of Cornwall led me to an article about St Sennen Church in Cornwall.
I would bet that is the church that was the site of marriage.

Richard George's parents were Richard George, born 1710 in Cornwall England, and Constance Nickles, born in 1710. 
If you observe that there was a father Richard and a son Richard, then observe the women's last names: Nicholas and Nickles, I believe that has gotten mixed up somewhere as someone who was not a certified arborist of genealogy has worked on the family tree. lol

So good luck with this information, and if you can confirm what is correct or point out the errors by leaving a comment below, maybe you can help someone else who is working on this tree and we can get it all worked out. 

Source: http://www.familycentral.net/index/family.cfm?ref1=66050:2224&ref2=66050:2225


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