Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taylor, Ratcliff family on 1930 Census

The Ratcliff children are found listed on the 1930 U.S. Census with William T. Taylor. Precinct 3 Fannin, Texas is the place. Mother of Ratcliff children, Amelia E. Taylor is shown to have been born in Arkansas and that Louis S. Ratcliff was also born in Arkansas (even though he is not listed on the Census in 1930 because he was deceased by that time.)

Enumeration district number is 0016.
Sheet Number and Letter: 2B
Line Number: 70
NARA Publication: T626, roll 2331
Film Number: 2342065
Digital Folder Number: 4547954
Image Number: 00099

William T. Taylor is listed as age 54. Amelia Elizabeth is listed here as Bessie A. Taylor, age 39. Son Cliffard Ray Taylor is listed as Cliford and as age 17.  William T ("W.T.") is listed as being age 2. Murl W. Taylor (Merle Wilma) is listed as 1 year old.  Burness is listed as Burniss A. Ratcliff, age 10. James M. Ratcliff is listed as age 5 but he would actually be 6 in 1930. Von Ratcliff is listed as Vaugh E. Ratcliff, age 8.

We had a pretty slack Census taker. I want to lodge a complaint ;)

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