Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Louis S. Ratcliff family on 1910 census

In the 1910 Census,
Louis S. Ratcliff  (born 1876) is listed as age 34 and married to A.E. Ratcliff  who is 19 (that would be Amelia Elizabeth), and daughters listed as 6 year old Lizzie and 8 year old Lillian (These were Louis's daughters or step-daughters from an earlier marriage of Louis' who later married Tunnicliff brothers).
When Amelia and Louis were married on December 16, 1906, she was 16 years old and Louis was 30. The marriage took place in Grant, Arkansas.

In 1910, the Census documents that the family is living in Tennessee (city of), in Grant County, AR.
Also listed living at the home are James Flore age 35 and Owen Flore age 5 from Illinois (I don't understand who these people are...yet). The relationship to Louis Ratcliff (head of household) was not documented on the Census.
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Name: Louis S Ratcliff
Birthplace: Arkansas
Relationship to Head of Household:  Self
Residence: Tennessee, Grant, Arkansas
Marital Status: Married
Race : White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year:
Father's Birthplace: Arkansas
Mother's Birthplace: Arkansas
Family Number: 64
Page Number: 4
  Louis S Ratcliff M 34y
Spouse A E Ratcliff F 19y
Child Lizzie Ratcliff F 6y
Child Lillian Ratcliff F 8y
James Flore M 35y
Owen Flore M 5y

NOTE: I personally knew Lizzie and Lillie. I knew Lizzie better, because my parents took me for a visit to her family's home in Ohio. Before Lizzie went to live with her daughter in Wadsworth Ohio, she livd in Calico Rock Arkansas (If I am remembering correctly). Both these ladies were just as nice as could be.

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