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Ratcliff family line

Samuel Ratcliff
b 31 Mar 1700, Anderbies Creek, Talbot County, MD
Married Rachael Warner, daughter of William Warner and Magdalene Gary, in 1724. Wife Rachel was the widow of a man named Fairbrother.
Samuel Ratcliff I died before 27 January 1778 at St. Mark's Parish, Craven Co, SC.

Samuel Sr's son, Samuel Ratcliff, Jr.
b 1726 in Talbot County, MD
Married Susannah Evans about 1758 in NC.
Samuel died sometime before 10 June 1782 at St. Mark's Parish, Craven County, SC.

Samuel Jr's son, William Ratcliff Sr.
b 1750's
Died sometime after 1790.

William Ratcliff Sr's son, William Ratcliff
b 1774?
Died, 1827, Kershaw County, SC
Married Sarah ______? (born 1786) - May have been daughter of Josiah Parker.
Sarah died 26 Feb 1864 in Kershaw County, SC.

William Ratcliff's son, Samuel Ratcliff (3)
b about 1805 (this correlates with the data of 1850 census, which shows him as age 45).
Born in Kershaw County, SC. It appears that Samuel lived in Kershaw SC long enough to administer his father's estate in 1827. He then moved to Leake County, Mississippi before moving to Dallas County Arkansas. Died between 1853 & 1860 in Manning, Dallas County, AR.

Samuel's first wife appears to have been Narcisse Marshall, whom he married sometime between 1825 and 1830 in Kershaw, SC.  Note that one of the children from union was Narcissa. I believe the mother was Narcisse with an 'e' on the end, and daughter was Narcissa with an 'a' on the end. Son Lafayette Ratcliff was born of this first marriage.

Samuel's son from marriage to Narcisse Marshall, Lafayette Ratcliff. 
Some records show him as Marcus Lafayette Ratcliff.
Lafayette was born in Arkansas in 1856 or on 15 January 1851 in Dallas County AR.
Died 1897 and buried in Taylor Cemetery.
Some census records show his father was born in Ga (but we see here SC) and some census records show his mother was born in Ga (we see here SC)
LaFayette married Ann Porter [Alternate: Anna Porter]. (Ann was born in Arkansas). LaFayette Ratcliff and Ann Porter were married on 14 February 1875 in Dallas County, Arkansas. Ann Porter Ratcliff died in 1932.

Son of LaFayette Ratcliff and Ann(a) Porter, Louis S. Ratcliff
Alternate spellings seen for Louis S. Ratcliff you may see are Louis Stanley Ratcliff, Louis Sidney Ratcliff. Was born about 1876. Married Amelia Elizabeth Lemons on 16 December 1906.
Resided in Grant County Arkansas.

Other names for Amelia are Amealy E. Lemons (listed this way, probably in error, on some census records, but her gravestone reads Amelia). Also known as "Bessie" and appears on some census records this way, but Bessie was a nickname (this is firsthand information from her son, James M. Ratcliff, 1924-2005)

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Louis S. Ratcliff family on 1920 Census

Lewis S. Ratcliff family on 1920 Census.

In the 1920 Census, Bessie (Amelia Elizabeth) is shown as age 30, married to Louis age 38 (incorrectly), with children Lilly age 17 and Lizzie age 16. Also listed are Alden (should be Alvin) age 9, and Burnice (should be Burness) age 6 months.

James won't be born until 4 years later.

See the record here  

Louis S. Ratcliff family on 1910 census

In the 1910 Census,
Louis S. Ratcliff  (born 1876) is listed as age 34 and married to A.E. Ratcliff  who is 19 (that would be Amelia Elizabeth), and daughters listed as 6 year old Lizzie and 8 year old Lillian (These were Louis's daughters or step-daughters from an earlier marriage of Louis' who later married Tunnicliff brothers).
When Amelia and Louis were married on December 16, 1906, she was 16 years old and Louis was 30. The marriage took place in Grant, Arkansas.

In 1910, the Census documents that the family is living in Tennessee (city of), in Grant County, AR.
Also listed living at the home are James Flore age 35 and Owen Flore age 5 from Illinois (I don't understand who these people are...yet). The relationship to Louis Ratcliff (head of household) was not documented on the Census.
See record 

Name: Louis S Ratcliff
Birthplace: Arkansas
Relationship to Head of Household:  Self
Residence: Tennessee, Grant, Arkansas
Marital Status: Married
Race : White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year:
Father's Birthplace: Arkansas
Mother's Birthplace: Arkansas
Family Number: 64
Page Number: 4
  Louis S Ratcliff M 34y
Spouse A E Ratcliff F 19y
Child Lizzie Ratcliff F 6y
Child Lillian Ratcliff F 8y
James Flore M 35y
Owen Flore M 5y

NOTE: I personally knew Lizzie and Lillie. I knew Lizzie better, because my parents took me for a visit to her family's home in Ohio. Before Lizzie went to live with her daughter in Wadsworth Ohio, she livd in Calico Rock Arkansas (If I am remembering correctly). Both these ladies were just as nice as could be.

August Ludwig Herde - Susie "Susan" George marriage

August L. Herde was from Soldier, Kansas. His bride Susie Elmira George was from Carl, Kansas.
At the time of their marriage on November 15, 1905, he was 29 and she was 19.

Amelia (sometimes Amealy) Lemons Ratcliff Taylor

Amelia Elizabeth Taylor (from death certificate)
Father: L.A. Lemons
Mother: Joyce Jane Linscomb
Born Sept 3, 1890
Died 12 Jan 1956
Age 65. Widowed

P. E. Robertson

P.E. Robertson on 1880 census as mother of Lafayette Ratcliff.
She was born in 1825 in Georgia. Her father was born in New York, her mother also born in New York.
At the time of the 1880 census, she is living with her son Lafayette and his family. She is widowed and 55 years old.

Lewis Ratcliff - Amealy Lemons

Lewis S. Ratcliff
Born 1876, married Amealy E. Lemons (age 16) on 16 Dec 1906 in Grant, Arkansas.
See marriage record info.

On the 1880 Census,
Lewis was 4 years old. Living in Manchester, Dallas, Arkansas. Born 1876 in Arkansas.
Father's name: Lafayette Ratcliff. Lafayette born in Arkansas.
Mother's name: Ann Ratcliff. Ann was born in Arkansas.
See record

--Lewis has a little sister named Lilly S. Ratcliff, she was born in 1879.

1900 Census Frank Herde

1900 Census,

Frank Herde, father of August L. Herde
Frank is age 59 and widowed.
Residing: Franklin Township (excl. Holton city), Jackson, Kansas.
Born in Germany in January 1841.
Parents were born in Germany.
Frank was head of household.
Immigrated to USA in 1860.

Children in home:
Frank, age 21; Ida, age 18; Lilla (instead of Lillie), age 16; Otto

1910 Census data for August L. Herde

The 1910 Census finds the August L. Herde family living on the Pottawatomie Indian Reservation, Jackson, Kansas. They had 3 children at this time. See info here

1920 Census for August L. Herde

The 1920 Census finds the August Ludwig Herde family living in Pottawatomie Kansas.
August is age 43, his wife Susie E. Herde is 33. Living with them are children: Francis, age 13, Edwin, age 11; Victor, age 10; Karl is listed in error as "Carl," age 9; Marie, age 6; and Arnold, age 4 yrs, 7 months.
See data here

1900 Census for August L. Herde

August Ludwig Herde
1900 Census
In 1900, August is 23 and living with his older sister Martha Herde Garner, her husband William, and August's nephew William Jr. in Grant Township, Jackson, Kansas.
August is listed as a farmer.
Parent's place of birth listed as Germany.

Frank and Sophia Pagel Herde with baby Martha Photograph

Frank and Sophia (Pagel) Herde with baby Martha

Franz Herde and Maria Preusner Herde Photograph

Franz and Maria Preusner Herde,
Silesia Koppernig Germany

Grandparents of August Ludwig Herde, Ida Herde, Frank Herde,
Martha Herde, Lillie Herde, Otto Herde and others.

Old Herde family photograph

Herde brothers and sisters portrait, date unknown.

Back row: Lillie Herde (married surname would become Reamer), August Ludwig Herde (known often as A.L. Herde), Ida Herde (married surname would become Coulson).

Front row: Frank Herde, Martha Herde (married surname Garner), Otto Herde.