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2 Herde news articles from the 1970s

Mr. and Mrs. August L. Herde

To Mark 65th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Herde, Billings, will observe their 65th wedding anniversay Sunday with a family dinner at noon. Friends of the family are invited to call at 1 p.m. in the Billings Christian Chruch fellowship hall. No gifts are requested.

Susie George and A. L. Herde, were married Nov. 15, 1905 at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. F. M. George, 15 miles southwest of Holton, Kan. with only immediate family members present.

Mr. and Mrs. Herde have eight children, Francis and Arnold Herde and Marie Bryant all of Billings; Karl Herde Aikens, S.C.; Edwin Herde of Parness, Mo.; Lois Jane Best of Stillwater; and Doris Ratcliff of Sterling Heights, Mich. A son, Victor, died in 1964.

They also have 27 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.

Still residing in Holton is Mrs. J.E. Coulson, Mr. Herde's sister, who played the wedding march for them and also attended their 50th anniversary 15 years ago.

The Herdes took up housekeeping on a farm 10 miles south of Soldier City, Kan., and moved south of Holton in 1909. They moved to Oklahoma in 1918 after which they moved to a farm near Billings and later into the town of Billings.

Mrs. Herde does all her own housweork including making her own bread and syas she loves to cook. She says her recipe for a happy marriage is, "Be honest with one another and don't be selfish."

Herde, a retired farm, was 94 years old Oct. 12. He walks four blocks to town every morning to get the mail and buy groceries. The family believe in togetherness, having attended church, picnics and other family activities together.

(Article contains a picture of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Herde, 1905 and a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Herde, 1970.

1970 "Perry Journal", county seat, he was 98 when he died.

A. L. Herde, now 94 years young, is looking foward to celebrating his 95th birthday which will be October 12th. Along with this distinction of being our oldest citizen is the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Herde will be celebrating their 66 years of marriage next November 15th, which we believe is also a record for the length of time for both couples to be as active as Mr. and Mrs. Herde.

Every day Mr. Herde walks to town to get the groceries and the mail from their home by himself as Mrs. Herde said "he walks too fast for me to keep up". Mr. and Mrs. Herde were married in 1905 near Holton, Kansas. First coming to Billings in 1923 living northwest of town and then to their farm and finally moved in to town in 1944.

Mr. Herde's favorite hobby is his garden. They ate new potatoes on May 20th from this garden and he works at this so diligently that there is not a spear of grass to be found in it. For pets they have a parakeet called "Inkie" but he is not learning to speak as well as their former bird named "Bobby." Bobby was quite a talented bird and had learned to speak various phrases distinctly, "Inkie" provides both Mr. and Mrs. Herde enjoyment but Mrs. Herde spoke with regret of the passing of Bobby, due to a cold.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Herde are members of the First Christian Church in Billings and on the day of this interview Mrs. Herde had returned from the meeting of the Women's Council of which she has served in various capacities - that of being president and most important the reporter for the last number of years.

Mrs. Herde has various hobbies such as crocheting, and her church work but writing has been the main one. Prior to moving to Billings she wrote for the Shawnee Herald and the Macomb papers, both in Pottawatomie County, also 30 years for the Perry Journal. This talent of Mrs. Herde was very helpful in this interview as she knew just what kind of things were needed to be interesting and was very gracious in helping.

The children of the couple are Francis Herde of Billings, Karl Herde of Acken, South Carolina, Mrs. Marie Bryant, and Arnold Herde, of Billings, and Lois Jane (Mrs. Ted Best) of Stillwater, Mrs. Doris Ratcliff of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Victor, another son, passed away in 1961 with a heart attack. They have 22 grandchildren and the same number of great-grandchildren.

In reminiscing, Mrs. Herde recalled the first movie they attended before they were married, which was "The Great Train Robbery" and was shown upstairs int he Woodman Hall located about 15 miles west of Holton. Just seeing the movie was exciting but during the show the film caught on fire and the operator was badly burned but everyone escaped without injury. Everyrone was running and was rather panicky trying to get down stairs but Mrs. Herde said she just remained real clam until it was all over and then afterwards got rather weak.

After their marriage one of the most exciting experiences that Mr. Herde had was when he was hauling a hog in the back of a wagon coming down hill when the wagon overturned and landed in a ditch. Mrs. Herde was outside and saw the team coming with just the running gears and turned the horses by waving a chair and drove them into a field nearby and finally the wagon tongue was driven down into a plowed ground stopping the run-away team. She said that she was really relieved when she looked up and saw Mr. Herde come walking down the road. The accident had happened about one-half mile from their home.

Another exciting incident also involved Mr. Herde's team of horses and took place during the day while plowing. It seems as though he had plowed thru a bumble bee's nest and took off his coat to fight the bees off when he did this the waving of his coat scared his team and they run off dragging the plow behind. But as Mrs. Herde said she was thankful that it "all turned out all right though.:

Truly Mr. and Mrs. Herde are a couple that Billings can be proud of having among their senior citizens and they are wished many more years of happiness.

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