Friday, February 12, 2010

RATCLIFF Dallas County AR

I descend from Richard Ratcliff, born 10 October 1661 in Rossendale, Lancashire England, died 1 June 1721 at St. Michael's Parish, Talbot County Maryland, at age 59. Richard Ratcliff married Mary Caterne on May 24, 1691 at Easton in Talbot County Maryland. They married at the Tuckahoe Creek Friends Meeting House.

You can read the whole descendancy narrative here. It is a very long file, so it's best to use the 'find' function on your computer to find a particular name.

Found on Rootsweb:

ix) Marcus Lafayette RATCLIFF was born on 15 January 1851 at Dallas
Co., AR. He married Ann Porter on 14 February 1875 at Dallas Co., AR. He
died circa 1897.

(a) Salley RATCLIFF was born at AR.

(b) Lewis S. RATCLIFF was born at AR.
(Lewis was my paternal grandfather)

(c) Patty RATCLIFF was born at AR.

(d) Joseph RATCLIFF was born in December 1884 at AR.

(e) Octmous (Que) RATCLIFF was born in February 1886 at AR.

(f) Augustus Winfield (Gus) RATCLIFF was born on 16 September 1888
at Dallas Co., AR. He married Ethel Pritchard on 24 May 1917 at AR.
He died on 23 December 1970 at AR at age 82.

(g) Frank RATCLIFF was born in 1891 at AR.

x) Narcissa RATCLIFF was born circa 1852 at Dallas Co., AR. She married
Thomas Fite on 23 October 1869.

(a) Samuel Fite was born circa 1870 at AR.

(b) Ann Fite was born circa 1873 at AR.

(c) Enoch Fite was born circa 1878 at AR.

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