Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Billings Union Cemetery: Herde Family Graves

This is the cemetery in Billings Oklahoma where most of my Herde relatives have been laid to rest:

Union Cemetery
2 1/2 miles South, 1 1/2 miles East of Billings Billings, OK US 74630

Interred are:

Arnold L. Herde, born 1915, died 1974; married 6/21/1939

Mary E. Herde, b 1917, died 1976

August L. Herde, born 1876, died 1974 (husband of Susie Elmira George Herde)

Susie E. Herde, born 1886, died 1973 (wife of August L. Herde)

Raymond Francis Herde
, born 1/28/1907, died 1/4/2009 (to be interred 1/9/2009) Lot 5J

Leah Ruth Herde
, born 2/15/1915, died 1/19/1997 (wife of Raymond Francis Herde)

Caroll Lucille b: 1933, died 1940
(daughter of Raymond Francis Herde & Leah Ruth Morris Herde)

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