Sunday, May 11, 2008

George Family Genealogy

Mathew George (Alternate: Matthew) was born 20 June 1804. Mathew George married Sarah Ann VanSkike (Alternates: VanSkyke, Van Skyke, Van Skike) in 1846. Sarah Ann was born on 27 February 1825. Mathew George died in 1879 of pneumonia.

Mathew George and Sarah Ann were the parents of Francis Marion George. Francis Marion George was born 26 March 1855 in Ottumwa IA. On 3 July 1879, he married Annie Laura Brewer. Annie Laura (Alternate Name: Annie Laurie Brewer) was born 24 May 1864 and died 21 April 1938 in Soldier KS (Alternate death place: Fresno CA).

Francis Marion George died 8 June 1930 in Soldier KS. (Alternate death place: Topeka KS)

Francis Marion George and Annie Laura Brewer were the parents of Susie Elmira George, born 29 September 1886, died 1973 in Billings OK. Alternate name for Susie Elmira George was Susan Elmira George (she thought Susie sounded too young so she would call herself Susan as an adult)

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