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Brouwer to Brower to Brewer

Adam May was father of Helena May, (ALT: Mey) who married Pieter (or Peter) Brouwer (possibly the same who was first president of the Dutch West Indies Company)

Peter Brouwer and Helena May were the parents of Adam Brouwer Berchoven. I do not know why the name Berchoven was sometimes attached to the end of his name. Adam was born about 1620 in Cologne, Rhine Province Germany. He sailed in 1642 on a ship called 'Swol' from Amsterdam Holland to Manhattan, and settled in Gowanus (Brooklyn).

On 21 March 1645, Adam Brouwer Berchoven married Magdalena Jacobs Verdon. Rev. Everardus Bogardus officiated. Religion: Dutch Reformed Church, NY NY.

Adam Brouwer Berchoven and his wife Magdalena Jacobs Verdon were the parents of Jacobus Adams Brouwer (Alternate names: Jacob Brewer, Jacobus Brewer). Jacobus was born 17 April 1756 in New Amsterdam NY. He married 29 January 1682 to Annetje Bogardus (Alternate names: Anna Bogardus, Anneke Bogardus) Annetje was born 3 October 1663, and died 2 September 1747 in Albany NY.

Jacobus Brouwer and his wife Annetje Bogardus
Nicolaes Brouwer
(actually the younger brother of Jacobus.
Nicolaes' occupation: miller) and Jannetje Colyer
(m: 15 Sept 1692, Brooklyn NY)
See: Most Frequent Errors and Unproven Lines of Descent from Anneke Jans

were the parents of Adolphus Brewer/Brower. Adolphus was born 5 October 1693. In 1714 or 1715, he married Fanachie Pardon.

Adolphus and his wife Fanachie Pardon were the parents of Cornelius Brewer, born 1730. In 1751, Cornelius married Mollie Richards.

Cornelius Brewer and his wife Mollie were the parents of Mathew Brewer.
Mathew Brewer was born in 1765. Mathew (alternate spelling Matthew Brewer) and his wife Mary Magdalene Emery were married in 1790.

Mathew Brewer and his wife Mary Magdalene Emery were the parents of John Beemer Brewer, born 1793 in New Jersey. John Beemer Brewer married Mary Bartholomew (alternate: Bartholmen) in 1814. John Beemer Brewer died in 1861 in Madison County IA. Mary Magdalene Emery Brewer was born ______ and died ______.

John Beemer Brewer and wife Mary Magdalene Emery were the parents of Abraham Brewer. Abraham was born on 24 Octboer 1823 in Green County PA. Occupation: Blacksmith. Abraham married Hannah Maria Bunnell on 8 June 1843. Abraham Brewer died in 1906 in Oklahoma. Hannah Maria Bunnell was born 28 January 1828 in Valparaiso Indiana.

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