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Permelia S. Schooler

Permelia S. Schooler
Born: 13 May 1840 at ______ Kentucky
Christened: at:
Died: 17 Feb 1905 at:
Buried: at: Clear Creek Cemetery, Hot Spring County, Arkansas, USA
Spouse: James Robert Lincycomb (1837-1904) Marr. Date: Abt 1856
Spouse: Robert Ross (1823- ) Marr. Date: 7 Oct 1888, , Hot Springs, Arkansas

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OBITUARY: Bonham, Elsie Sue (daughter of Marie Herde)

Elsie Sue Marie Bonham

BLACKWELL — Elsie Sue Marie Bonham, Blackwell resident, died Wednesday, July 1, 1998, in her home. She was 57.

A memorial service will be held 4 p.m. Sunday, July 5, 1998, at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Blackwell with Elder Pat Pendland officiating. Arrangements are under the direction of Roberts Funeral Home in Blackwell.

Elsie Sue Marie Bonham was born November 20, 1940, in Billings, the daughter of Leo and Marie (Herde) Bryant. She grew up in Billings attending schools there. She married Charles Albert Bonham April 21, 1957, in Billings and they settled in Blackwell.

Bonham later received her GED and began working for Gloria Belair Realty of Blackwell. She received her realtors license while working for Belair Realty and later began working for Harold Weigle Agency for 10 years. She then started her own business, Bonham Realty, operating it until the time of her death. She was a member of the Board of Realtors of Blackwell and was also a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

She is survived by her husband of the home; her mother of Blackwell; three daughters, Sharon Owili-Eger of Ponca City, Marcia Richmond of Blackwell, and Linda Thompson of Edmond; one son, Scott Bonham of Blackwell; two sisters, Lois Luthye of Perry and Judy Garris of Bella Vista, Ark.; two brothers, Lloyd Bryant of Hot Springs, Ark., and Pat Bryant of California; and 13 grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her father and one sister, Karen Smith.

Memorial contributions may be made in her name to the Hospice of Ponca City, 1904 N. Union, Ponca city, OK 74601 or World Wide Preaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 401 E. Dewey, Blackwell, OK 74631.

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Brouwer to Brower to Brewer

Adam May was father of Helena May, (ALT: Mey) who married Pieter (or Peter) Brouwer (possibly the same who was first president of the Dutch West Indies Company)

Peter Brouwer and Helena May were the parents of Adam Brouwer Berchoven. I do not know why the name Berchoven was sometimes attached to the end of his name. Adam was born about 1620 in Cologne, Rhine Province Germany. He sailed in 1642 on a ship called 'Swol' from Amsterdam Holland to Manhattan, and settled in Gowanus (Brooklyn).

On 21 March 1645, Adam Brouwer Berchoven married Magdalena Jacobs Verdon. Rev. Everardus Bogardus officiated. Religion: Dutch Reformed Church, NY NY.

Adam Brouwer Berchoven and his wife Magdalena Jacobs Verdon were the parents of Jacobus Adams Brouwer (Alternate names: Jacob Brewer, Jacobus Brewer). Jacobus was born 17 April 1756 in New Amsterdam NY. He married 29 January 1682 to Annetje Bogardus (Alternate names: Anna Bogardus, Anneke Bogardus) Annetje was born 3 October 1663, and died 2 September 1747 in Albany NY.

Jacobus Brouwer and his wife Annetje Bogardus
Nicolaes Brouwer
(actually the younger brother of Jacobus.
Nicolaes' occupation: miller) and Jannetje Colyer
(m: 15 Sept 1692, Brooklyn NY)
See: Most Frequent Errors and Unproven Lines of Descent from Anneke Jans

were the parents of Adolphus Brewer/Brower. Adolphus was born 5 October 1693. In 1714 or 1715, he married Fanachie Pardon.

Adolphus and his wife Fanachie Pardon were the parents of Cornelius Brewer, born 1730. In 1751, Cornelius married Mollie Richards.

Cornelius Brewer and his wife Mollie were the parents of Mathew Brewer.
Mathew Brewer was born in 1765. Mathew (alternate spelling Matthew Brewer) and his wife Mary Magdalene Emery were married in 1790.

Mathew Brewer and his wife Mary Magdalene Emery were the parents of John Beemer Brewer, born 1793 in New Jersey. John Beemer Brewer married Mary Bartholomew (alternate: Bartholmen) in 1814. John Beemer Brewer died in 1861 in Madison County IA. Mary Magdalene Emery Brewer was born ______ and died ______.

John Beemer Brewer and wife Mary Magdalene Emery were the parents of Abraham Brewer. Abraham was born on 24 Octboer 1823 in Green County PA. Occupation: Blacksmith. Abraham married Hannah Maria Bunnell on 8 June 1843. Abraham Brewer died in 1906 in Oklahoma. Hannah Maria Bunnell was born 28 January 1828 in Valparaiso Indiana.

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George Family Genealogy

Mathew George (Alternate: Matthew) was born 20 June 1804. Mathew George married Sarah Ann VanSkike (Alternates: VanSkyke, Van Skyke, Van Skike) in 1846. Sarah Ann was born on 27 February 1825. Mathew George died in 1879 of pneumonia.

Mathew George and Sarah Ann were the parents of Francis Marion George. Francis Marion George was born 26 March 1855 in Ottumwa IA. On 3 July 1879, he married Annie Laura Brewer. Annie Laura (Alternate Name: Annie Laurie Brewer) was born 24 May 1864 and died 21 April 1938 in Soldier KS (Alternate death place: Fresno CA).

Francis Marion George died 8 June 1930 in Soldier KS. (Alternate death place: Topeka KS)

Francis Marion George and Annie Laura Brewer were the parents of Susie Elmira George, born 29 September 1886, died 1973 in Billings OK. Alternate name for Susie Elmira George was Susan Elmira George (she thought Susie sounded too young so she would call herself Susan as an adult)

Schooler - Lemons Line

William Schooler, born about 1640 in London England, married Unknown.
William Schooler died about 1728 in Caroline, VA.

William Schooler and Wife Unknown had a son named Thomas Schooler.
Thomas was born about 1660-70 in London England. Thomas Schooler married
Kesiah Bourne, born about 1680 in London England.

Thomas Schooler and wife Kesiah Bourne were the parents of
John Schooler, born about 1705 in Essex, VA.
John Schooler married Martha Wharton about 1720 in Virginia.
Martha Wharton was born about 1705 in St. George Parish VA.

John Schooler and his wife Martha Wharton were the parents of John Schooler (Jr.)
John Jr was born 17 September 1742 in Saint George's Parish, Spotsylvania VA.
John Schooler Jr. married Nancy Catherine Hawkins, born about 1750 in Spotsylvania VA.

John Schooler Jr and his wife Nancy Catherine Hawkins had a son named __________ Schooler. ________ Schooler married Catherine __________, born about 1781 in VA.

________Schooler and wife Catherine had a son named Dillard Collins Schooler, born 1809, married Jane Garrett in 1826 in Madison KY. Jane Garrett was born in 1808.

Dillard Collins Schooler and wife Jane Garrett had a daughter named Permelia S. Schooler. Permelia was born in 1840 and died in 1905. Permelia was married to James Robert William Lincycomb. James Robert William Lincycomb was born in 1837 and died in 1904.

Family stories say that James Robert William Lincycomb killed a man for assaulting his sister, and he abandoned his wife, possibly taking two of their children with him when he left the state. Permelia and James were divorced in 1887, on the grounds of desertion.

However, I've also found a record of a James William Lincycomb being buried in Leola Cemetery, Leola AR. So that story of desertion doesn't quite match up with this.

Permelia Schooler and James Robt William Lincycomb had a daughter named Joyce Jane Lincycomb. You may also see her name as Josie or Joycy instead of Joyce. Joyce Jane Lincycomb was born 10 March 1862 in Iron Mountain MO. She died 17 March 1919 in Grant County AR. (working on name verification)
Clearly, she was known by family as Jane Lemons -as that is how she is recorded on the tombstone pictured below.

Joyce Jane Lincycomb married James Lafayette Lemons on 12 May 1881. James Lafayette Lemons was born 14 March 1859 in TN. James Lafayette Lemons died 20 December 1922 in Smackover, AR.

Here is their grave marker, as you can see, James Lafayette is listed as Lafayette, and Joyce Jane is listed as Jane. They are buried in Leola Cemetery, Leola, Grant County Arkansas.

Joyce Jane Lincycomb* and James Lafayette Lemons were the parents of Amelia Elizabeth Lemons, (my paternal grandmother) born 1890 in Grant County AR. (Alternate names: Amealy, nickname Bess) or Amelia Lemons married Louis S. Ratcliff 16 December 1906. After Lewis' death in about 1924, Amelia Lemons Ratcliff married William T. Taylor Sr. (born 1870 - d 1951). Amelia Elizabeth was buried under the name Amelia E. Taylor in Whiterock Cemetery, Bailey, Fannin County TX. Here is a photo of her final resting place:
*I have also seen the name spelled as Lineycomb and Lipscomb but I believe it to be Lincycomb.

*These photos are by Mr. John Smith at

Lincycomb info

Ratcliff, Key, Porter, Lemons Genealogy - SC, AR

Marcus Lafayette Ratcliff, [PICTURED]
born January 15, 1851 in Dallas County AR

William Ratcliff, born: ? , died 1827 Kershaw SC.
William Ratcliff was married to Sarah Parker, born circa 1786.
Sarah Parker was the daughter of Josiah Parker, b: ? , d: ?
Sarah Parker died 26 February 1864, Kershaw County SC.

William Ratcliff and Sarah Parker were the parents of :

Samuel Ratcliff, born 1805 (confirmed, he was age 45 in the Census of 1850) in Kershaw County SC died about 1853. Had a Mill called "Old Ratcliff's Place" near Willow in Dallas Co., Ark. Samuel Ratcliff was listed as a farmer in Census records. He was in Mississippi by 1840, and later settled near Willow, in Dallas County AR. Samuel Ratcliff is buried in the Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery, also known as the Amis or Ratcliff Cemetery, Manning, Dallas County AR.

Samuel Ratcliff married Narcisse Marshall between 1825 and 1830 in Kershaw County, SC. The children of this union were:

Lafayette Ratcliff.
Narcissa, born about 1830
John Marshall Ratcliff, born August 18, 1832
Benjamin Ratcliff
William Douglas Ratcliff
Absolem Ratcliff

Samuel Ratcliff married Permelia Emily Key on 30 September 1849. Permelia was born 30 July 1823 in Jasper GA or McDonough, Henry County, GA.
(she married 6 times during her lifetime) -- on April 19, 2012 I found a site that said she married Ervine Dunnahoe (her 3rd husband) again as her 7th husband. This doesn't seem to match a story I had some time ago about him being a rascally character (which is why they were divorced), however, the gravestone seen on does shoe Dunnahoe as her last name, so it would appear that she was a Dunnahoe at time of death. I could do a whole post just on Permelia. Sometimes her name will appear as Parmelia and Emily is from some sources shown to be a nickname from possible middle name Emaline.

Listed with Samuel Ratcliff on the Census of 1850 are: 

Emily Ratcliff     F     28y (AKA Parmelia or Permelia Emaline "Emily" Key)
William D Ratcliff     M     18y (born in SC around 1832)
Jno Ratcliff     M     16y (born in SC about 1834)
Joseph Ratcliff     M     14y (born in SC about 1836)
Eliza Ratcliff     F     12y (Born in SC about 1838)
Mary A Ratcliff     F     10y (born in Michigan about 1840)
Absolem Ratcliff     M     8y (born in Michigan about 1842)
    Mary Cook     F     10y (born in GA 1840)
    Tandy W Cook     M     8y (born in GA 1842)
    Nolley Cook     M     6y (born in GA 1844)
    Sarah Cook     F     4y  (born in GA 1846)

By the dates of the children's births, we can tell that the family moved from Michigan to Arkansas between 1842 and the date of the census in 1850.

Samuel Ratcliff and Parmelia Key were the parents of Marcus LaFayette Ratcliff, [pictured?] born 15 Jan 1851. In 1875, Lafayette married Ann Porter. Ann or Anna Porter was born sometime between 1852-1855 in Arkansas. She died in 1932.
According to the 1880 Census records, Marcus Lafayette Ratcliff went by the name Lafayette Ratcliff. His occupation listed as a farmer. Marcus Lafayette Ratcliff died in 1897 and is buried in the Taylor Cemetery.

Marcus Lafayette Ratcliff and Ann Porter had a son named Lewis Stanley Ratcliff.
I have different names for him. Alternates names are Louis Stanley Ratcliff, Lewis Sidney Ratcliff, and Louis Sidney Ratcliff. Lewis Ratcliff was born 1876 in Jacinto, Dallas County AR. He married Amelia Elizabeth "Bessie" Lemons (some records show Amealy as her first name, but it should be Amelia) on 16 December 1906 in Arkansas. Lewis Stanley Ratcliff died around 1924, just a few months before the birth of his son, James Marcus Ratcliff.

James Marcus Ratcliff was born 25 August 1924 in Leola AR. Died May 4, 2005 in Savannah GA from complications following a stroke.

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Bonnel, Bunnell, Broadwell, Brooks, Bygote,Daniels, Price, Searing, Williams, Wilmot, Brewer, George, Herde

As we look at the Bonnell name, notice that changes to the spelling that took place over time. You will see it as Bonnell, Bunnell and Bonnel. Names were spelled phonetically.

Thomas Bonnell
(Boonell), born 1540 Hondschoote, Ypres, Flanders France; died 1607 Norwich England. Married Jacque Marei Bygote (alternate middle name: Niarie). Jacque was born 1540 Hondschoote, Ypres, Flanders, France.

Thomas Bonnell (b 1540) and Jacque had a son named Benjamin Bonnell, born sometime between 1580-1510 in London England. Died after July 1655 in London England. Thomas Bonnell married Rebecca Brooks, born 1595 Cheshire England.

Thomas Bonnell and Rebecca Brooks had a son named William Bunnell, born 1610 in Cheshire England. Died 18 August 1699 New Haven CT. William Bunnell married Annie Wilmot, born 1614 in New Haven CT, died May 1654 New Haven CT.
Some reference note that William Bunnell came to America about 1630.

Nathaniel Bonnel (Sr.) b: BET 1600-1610 in England, d: sometime after 1654; and Ann Wilmot, b: BET 1610-1619 in England. Married Susanna Whitehead, born 1648 or 1650, died 12 February 1778 in Springfield NJ. (Alternate first names for Susanna are Suzanna and Susannah)

The house that Nathaniel built at 1045 East Jersey Street was built before 1682 and may be the oldest house in Elizabeth NJ. It has been renovated and was headquarters for the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution at one time.

Nathaniel Bonnel (Sr) and Susanna Whitehead's son's name was Nathaniel Bonnel Jr., born in 1669. Nathaniel Bonnel died 4 September 1736. Nathaniel Bonnel Jr. married Mary Searing. Mary Searing was born about 1682 in Elizabethtown NJ. Mary Searing was the daughter of Thomas Searing, born about 1646 in Southwork England.

Nathaniel Bonnel Jr. and Mary Searing had a son named James Bonnel. James was born in 1710 in New Jersey. James Bonnel married Sarah Broadwell. Sarah Broadwell was born sometime between 1712 and 1716. Sarah Broadwell Bonnel died 274 March 1791. James Bonnel died on 27 September 1788 in Scotch Plains, NJ.

James Bonnel and Sarah Broadwell had a son named Stephen Bunnell (Sr).(I have seen Stephen listed as Stephan in some sources) born 1731 in Union County New Jersey. In 1754 in Essex County NJ, Stephen Bunnell married Mary Daniels, born 1734.

STEPHEN BUNNELL Military Information:
I also found from another source: NY Militia, Captain Samuel Jones' Company, Hasbruck's Regiment. Note spelling difference between Hasebrouck and Hasbruck.

Stephen Bunnell and Mary Daniels had a son named David Bunnell.
David Bunnell was born in 1764 in Scotch Plains New Jersey and died 10 February 1816 in Ohio. David Bunnell was married to Elizabeth Price in 1796 in Mason County Kentucky. Elizabeth Price was born in 1778.

David Bunnell and Elizabeth Price had a son named Barzilla Bunnell, born in 1801 in Mason County KY. He died sometime between 1840 and 1849. Barzilla Bunnell married Nancy Sarah Williams, born 1805 in NJ.

Barzilla Bunnell and Nancy Sarah Williams were the parents of Hannah Maria Bunnell, born January 28, 1828 in Indiana.

Hannah Maria Bunnell married Abraham Brewer, a blacksmith, on 8 June 1843. Abraham Brewer was born 24 October 1823 in Green County, PA. Abraham Brewer died in 1906.

Hannah Maria Bunnell and Abraham Brewer's daughter, Annie Laura Brewer, (Alternate middle name Laurie) was born 24 May 1864. Annie Laura Brewer married Francis Marion George on 3 July 1879. Francis Marion George was born on 26 March 1855 in Ottumwa, IA. Francis Marion George died on 8 June, 1930.

Francis Marion George and Annie Laura Brewer had a daughter, Susie Elmira George. Susie was born on 29 September 1886 in Soldier, KS. NOTE: Susie Elmira George went by the name Susan in adult life, but Susie was her legal name. Susie Elmira George married August Ludwig Herde in 1905.

Susie Elmira George died in 1973 in Billings, Oklahoma. Her husband, August Ludwig Herde, lived to be 98 years old. He died on 16 December, 1974 in Billings Oklahoma. Some genealogists show August's name as Augustin. This is incorrect. August was his real first name. It is a German name and is pronounced "Ow-Goost."

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Herde Genealogy

August Herde
b: 1795
d: ?
m: ?

Franz Herde (son of August, above)
b: Circa 1820
m: Marie Preusner or Maria Preussner, born Circa 1820

Franz Herde and Marie had the following child(ren):

Franz (or Frank) Herde
b: Circa 1841, d: 1901
m: Sophie Pagel 1850-1887
Franz Herde and Sophie had the following child(ren):

Martha Herde (Garner), August Ludwig Herde, Frank Herde, Lillie Herde (Reamer),Ida Herde (Coulson), Otto Herde (See photo)


August Ludwig Herde
b: 1876
d: 16 Dec 1974, in Billings OK
m: Susie Elmira George 15 Nov 1905 at the home of the bride's parents Holton KS.

Children of August L Herde and Susie E George:

Raymond Francis Herde, born 1907, died January 5, 2009 (age 100)
Edwin Otto Herde, born 24 Apr 1908, died 1998
Victor George Herde, born 1909, d: 1964
Karl Elmore Herde, born 6 Jan 1911, died 5 Feb 1995 in Aiken, SC
Marie Herde, born 1913
Arnold Leon Herde, born 20 Jun 1915, d Oct 1974
m: Mary Elizabeth Chapman
Living Female, born 1922

Living Female Herde
b: 16 Feb 1927
m: Robert Sherwood Anderson
Child of Living Female Herde and Robert Sherwood Anderson:
Living Female Anderson
m: Living Male Kindschi
Child of Living Female Anderson and Living Male Kindschi:
Living Female Kindschi

m: James Marcus Ratcliff - 27 Jun 1959
b: 25 Aug 1924
d: 4 May 2005, Savannah Ga.

Herde Family Billings Oklahoma 1935

August Herde & Susie George Herde & Family.
This photograph was taken around 1935.

Back row: Arnold, Marie, Victor, Edwin, Francis; Front row: August, Karl, Lois Jane, Doris, Susie
Photo has been digitally colorized